Adam W

The finish of the product is excellent and was easier to fit than I expected...


15000 miles through some of the harshest conditions across Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and even up the road of bones to Magadan my LaSalle Trim headlining stood the test.

Garry C

It looks fantastic and driving seems much quieter now, no need for shouting, and I can hear my music!

Independent Review

Changing the headlining on a Defender isn’t a particularly difficult job, but it is time consuming and can be fiddly. It therefore makes sense to do it just the once and do it right. And the only way you can guarantee that happening is by going with LaSalle.

Stephen H

It’s made a big improvement to the interior. I was also pleasantly surprised by how simple it was to fit...

Portal Rover

If you are fitting a new interior, do not do it without fitting this product first ! No more drips and stains, and warmer too.