Adam W

Dear Andrew,

The last time we spoke I promised you some photographs of my headlining once it was installed. Well, I finally had the time to fit it this weekend, it has transformed the feel of the interior completely, and it’s great that I now have a stereo to listen to!

The finish of the product is excellent and was easier to fit than I expected, only the front corners seemed reluctant to fit up to the guttering rail, but with some perseverance I managed it.

Although I found your instructions very useful, I didn’t follow them entirely and I think my method made it easier. In essence, I started with the rear OS panel, and drilled 3.5mm holes for self tapping screws, once the panel was held in place by 4 screws, I’d then drill the remainder and tap those too. The same was done with the NS rear panel. Once both panels were mounted I went
round re-drilling each hole with a 6mm drill and inserting the trim rivets you supplied. The difference here is that I didn’t lower the headlining to re-drill and remount it, I didn’t see the point once it was up.

I did the front section last, putting the rear 5 rivets in, then securing the front with the rear view mirror mount to hold up the front. Then I moved onto the sides.

I hope you like the photos, they would be a great addition to your website as there are no photos of the plain headlining with the speaker pods. I had to use spacer rings for the speakers even though they were quite shallow but they still look very nice in place.

Thanks once again, an excellent product.Adam