There are many dedicated Land Rover associations and clubs throughout the world.

We hope to try and list as many as possible, so whereever you are in the world you can join your local associations and clubs to meet fellow Land Rover, 4×4 and offroad enthusiasts.  These groups are always there for help and advice, usually having their own discussion forums for you to join, and ultimately are fantastic guides to safely enjoying and having fun with your vehicle.


Blogs by Land Rover enthusiasts are brilliant for technical how to do’s, product reviews, up to date Land Rover news, classifieds, general living with a Land Rover info and lots of useful links.

Forums are just a wealth of information, whether your are looking for technical help, product recommendations, where to buy, seeking second hand vehicles/parts for sale, or just general banter with like minded people.

Communities for Land Rover enthusiasts (usually run by enthusiastic enthusiasts) cover just about everything Land Rover.



When you can’t do the job yourself, it is these guys you want.


Listed here, will be local/online suppliers for everything Land Rover, 4×4 and Offroad.


Once you have your Land Rover, you will want to play and explore.

Experiencing Land Rovers before you buy, or as an owner is a great way to see what a Land Rover can do, there are plenty of dedicated places, whether it be a Safari/Expedition/Tour, Land Rover hire, offroad centres for training and playing.