SERIES II/IIA/III (109″) LWB Side Panel T/A Insulation


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LASALLE INTERIOR TRIM Series II/IIA/III (109″) LWB Side Panel Thermal Acoustic Insulation is a versatile open cell foam designed for use in a wide range of applications where high levels of thermal and acoustic insulation are required.

The material comes as standard in a lightweight sheet form. One side is faced with reinforced aluminium foil, increasing strength, rigidity and thermal efficiency. The other side features a practical, peel-off self-adhesive backing.


If this T/A Insulation is purchased along side one or more of LASALLE INTERIOR TRIM products it will be dispatched at the same time as your Headlining/Side Trims/Door Trims.

If this T/A Insulation is purchased on its own or with another similar product it will be dispatched within 3 – 5 days.




LASALLE INTERIOR TRIM Thermal Acoustic Insulation offers a broad range of attractive properties. It’s outstanding features being :-

  • High sound absorption
  • Excellent thermal insulation properties
  • Flame resistance
  • Heat resistance
  • Mold resistance
  • Low weight


These combined properties make the LASALLE INTERIOR TRIM Series II/IIA/III (109″) LWB Side Panel Thermal Acoustic Insulation the ideal material for panel insulation in Series and Land Rover vehicles. Low weight means effortless handling, the structure cuts cleanly, and the self-adhesive backing makes for fast and accurate fitting. The perfect partner for our headlinings and side trims, Thermal Acoustic Insulation provides the optimum in sound absorption and thermal insulation. In addition, it’s also highly heat and flame resistant, so it can also be used beneath the bonnet.




The substrate should be clean, dry and free of oil, dust, grease, release agents or other contaminates. Metals should be degreased prior to bonding. If necessary clean and dry the substrate with methylated sprit or similar. Cleaning solutions, if used, must be allowed to evaporate before application of the adhesive.

Peel off the release paper, apply the LASALLE INTERIOR TRIM Thermal Acoustic Insulation, ideally on the horizontal plane, using forward and downward pressure.




LASALLE INTERIOR TRIM Thermal Acoustic Insulation is used extensively in the following applications :-

  • Roof paneling
  • Side paneling
  • Door paneling  where sufficient space allows
  • Under bonnet
  • Engine bay



  • COLOUR – Grey foam with bright foil facing
  • SHEET SIZE – 1250mm x 625mm
  • THICKNESS – 12mm                                             
  • DENSITY – 10.5 +/- 1.5kg/m3
  • HARDNESS – 40% deformation : 7-20kPa
  • COMPRESSION SET – 50% at 70°C for 22 hours: 10% – 20%
  • CEIL COUNT – 130 – 200 ppi approx.
  • THERMAL CONDUCTIVITY – 0.035W/mk @ 10°C
  • FIRE PERFORMANCE – Class 0 : BS476 parts 6 & 7
  • SERVICE TEMPERATURE RANGE –  -60 to +150oC (short term to +250oC)
  • TOXICITY – DIN 4102 Class A2


SERIES II/IIA/III (109″) LWB Side Panel T/A Insulation

Supplied in four sheets 1250mm x 625mm – 12mm depth

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Vehicle Series II/IIA/III LWB (109")
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