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LASALLE INTERIOR TRIM Damping Pads are specifically designed to reduce vibration in sheet metal and other resonant surfaces.  This makes them ideal for vehicle panels, particularly those found on Defenders, Series and Military spec Land Rovers.  They also improve sound insulation by adding mass to the structure.  

The pads are made from a dense bitumen material, specially enhanced with mineral fillers and a synthetic rubber to form a highly visco-elastic product.  Application is quick and simple thanks to the peel-off self-adhesive backing.  Fitted to van sides, door skins, Damping Pads will significantly reduce vibration in sheet metal and transmitted noise.  




LASALLE INTERIOR TRIM Damping Pad offers a broad range of attractive properties. Its outstanding features being :-

  • High sound reflection
  • Excellent vibration damping
  • Sound insulation by adding mass to the structure


These combined properties make the LASALLE INTERIOR TRIM Damping Pad the ideal material for sound and vibration damping, fitted to side panels, roof panels, door skins or any metal surface where dampening is required in Land Rovers and other vehicles. It can be manipulated to follow contours and the structure cuts cleanly. The perfect product for use behind interior trim, Damping Pad provides the optimum in sound reflection,vibration damping.




LASALLE INTERIOR TRIM Damping Pads should be stored at temperatures between 10°C and 25°C. Before use they should be allowed to stabilise at room temperature, ideally above 18°C. The adhesion will be increased if the sheet is preheated to 30°C.

The substrate should be clean, dry and free of oil, dust, grease, release agents or other contaminates. Metals should be degreased prior to bonding. If necessary clean and dry the substrate with methylated sprit or similar. Cleaning solutions, if used, must be allowed to evaporate before application of the adhesive.

Peel off the release paper, apply the LASALLE INTERIOR TRIM Damping Pad, ideally on the horizontal plane, using forward and downward pressure.




LASALLE INTERIOR TRIM Damping Pad is used extensively in the following applications :-

  • Roof panels
  • Side panels
  • Door skins



  • COLOUR                                                                 Black
  • SHEET SIZE                                                             525mm x 385mm
  • THICKNESS                                                             Damping pad – 1.5mm                                              
  • DENSITY                                                                 3kg/m²
  • HARDNESS                                                             76(shore A)
  • FLAMMABILITY                                                   FMVSS 302
  • SERVICE TEMPERATURE RANGE                       -10° to +90°



Supplied in 525mm x 385mm – Textured black sheets – 1.5mm depth 

Category Insulation
Product code DAMP-PADS